Suzette’s Dating Guide is a MUST READ for any woman!
It offers clear dating guidelines for today’s world in a delightfully engaging and witty way. And it sends a powerful message that being authentic is the key to attracting the partner of your dreams.” Frankie Doiron, President & CEO, the Impact Coaching Academy.

Suzette's Dating Guide

Suzette’s Dating Guide is a refreshing take on finding your perfect mate, and an insightful read!

I don’t know of any other book out there that helps you define not only your own relationship with yourself first, but then gives you all the how-to tools to actually start the journey.
An empowering, delightful and humorous book, and a must read for anyone not only wanting to find a wonderful relationship with that special someone, but who wants to find a relationship that’s sustainable for a life-time of joy, growth, love and mutual respect.
Congratulations Michala Storm, Suzette has done you proud.”
Louise Crooks  ~ The KeystoClarity! Coach