80% is Showing Up!



Woody Allan is often quoted for his statement that 80% in life is showing up!

The same “rule” applies to Dating With Success.

You’ve got to be willing to DARE showing up on a date, or in life.

Remember if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting the same result.

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Must Haves


12 Steps To Dating With Success

Must haves are crucial to dating with success and attracting Mr. Right.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about the size of his car or his annual income (although it could be for some of you).

The best place to start is to identify what you “MUST HAVE” in order to have your emotional needs fulfilled. For example, if you need to feel “safe & secure” within the relationship, what features must Mr. Right then have?

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Mind Your Attitude!


Suzettes Dating Guide

Keeping a positive attitude matters. Period!

Now why is that?

It is pretty simple. By keeping a positive attitude you will draw to you more success with dating. Of course, you have to do some action too. However, showing up on a date with a negative attitude will not do much good for you.

Look at dancers. Any dance great teacher will tell you all about how attitude matters and how your own attitude and  body language actually directs a large part of the response that you get when showing up on the dance floor.

The same goes with dating. Keep a positive attitude and expect the best.

Now does this mean that you should always keep a happy smile on your face?

No. It is, of course, perfectly okay to feel sad at times. However, do keep in mind that – generally speaking – your own attitude has a lot to do with the response that you get when you are dating.

For that reason it is always a good idea to examine your own attitude.

What is YOUR attitude, when it comes to dating?

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Use the AA+ Formula

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Suzettes Dating Guide

What does AA+ have to do with love?

Well a lot! The AA+ is a simple formula that will help you attract a lot more love.

This is the AA+ formula in a nutshell:

A – Acceptance
A – Acknowledgement
A – Appreciation

Apply the AA+ formula when you are dating and you will be amazed at what happens …

And hey! Let’s be honest here.

Did you ever attract Mr. right by being the opposite: judgmental, critical and disapproving?

Heck no. Instead, Suzette’s Dating Guide suggest that you join the AA+ Club.

However, this doesn’t mean that you do not set clear boundaries. Of course, you do.

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Ps. You could even use the AA+ formula for your self (accept yourself, acknowledge yourself, appreciate yourself) – now that’s a tough one, right?

Step # 1 – Know Yourself – The Gateway To a Successful Relationship!

Get Suzette’s Dating Guide TODAY and learn the 12 Steps to dating with success

Learn Suzette's steps for dating with success and attracting Mr. Right
Learn Suzette’s steps for dating with success and attracting Mr. Right

Suzettes Dating Guide is all about “dating from the inside out”.

Now why is this so important?

It’s pretty simple. If you want to be able to express yourself fully and be who you are then the only way to  attract Mr. Right is by fully being yourself. Mr. Right is the type of man who accepts you exactly as you are.

In order to be the real you, you have got to know yourself.

Sure, sometimes it can be very uncomfortable to get to know yourself because what you find may not always be as pretty as you would like it to. We all have sides of our personality that we are more or less proud of.

However, as you are beginning to get to know yourself it is key that you accept yourself.

Drop the (self) judgment and be kind to yourself, after all no one is perfect – but you are still a perfect match for Mr. Right as he accepts you exactly as you are.

Getting to know yourself is like pealing an onion.

You will get to know yourself better and better layer by layer and sometimes you may be surprised by what you find. When you know and accept yourself it is much easier to stay true to yourself while you are dating.

3 Tips To Stay True to Yourself While dating

  1. Trust your intuition – your intuition is usually right, it’s just that many of us don’t trust it
  2. Don’t be afraid to say “no thank you” if it doesn’t feel right
  3. Have faith an stay confident that Mr. Right (match) is also looking for you

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Suzette’s Dating Tip no 1


Suzette's Dating Tip No 1 - Be Yourself!
Suzette’s Dating Tip No 1 – Be Yourself!

Best dating tip ever?

Be Yourself and watch who shows up …

Don’t pretend. Just be you.

It’s easy. When you are yourself those that do not like you will sort themselves out and you wouldn’t want to be with them anyways.

Stay tuned and watch who shows up that wants to be with the real you.

Dating should be relaxed and fun an opportunity to get to know each other.

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Are you in or out of love?

Date with love - Follow Suzette's 12 Step to Date with Success
Dating is a great opportunity to get to know another person, and letting yourself be know as well.

Your journey to dating with success can be a lot of fun, and – if you are honest – it can at times be a bit  exhausting too.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

So what to do if you find yourself overwhelmed by the whole dating scene?


Top tips for staying “in love” while dating with success: 

  1. Check in to see if you are operating out of fear or out of love
  2. If you are operating out of fear, you may want to take a break for some time
  3. Do self-loving activities, eg. see friends, take a walk in nature, paint a picture or whatever works for you to get back and into a state of love

When you are in the state of love you will attract your perfect love-match
– if you are in the state of fear, you will attract your perfect fear-match!

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