Multitasking = Multi confusion!



You may be thinking, ” I don’t get what multitasking has to do with dating with success. Suzette clearly must have lost her grip today…”

But this piece is actually crucial to dating with success. And the piece that I am talking about is being able to slow down and relax some more. If you are trying to hard to do it all at once, chances are that you won’t feel successful with any of it.

As women we have been told that we are great at multitasking – and sometimes we have to – but the fact is that we are not wired to do so. Our brains simply won’t cope. Consequently multitasking often leads to multi confusion which is a sure recipe for exhaustion.

Next time you find yourself multitasking on the high speed instead slow down a bit. Take a step back. Go for a short walk and clear your mind. Often times you will find the solutions when you let go of trying too hard.

The point is that when you take the time to slow down, not only will you be more productive (don’t confuse activity with productivity – multitasking doesn’t necessarily produce results) but more importantly you will be in a more relaxed state of mind.

Being in a relaxed state with an open mind is crucial to dating with success.


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Keep It Simple Sweetheart



You’e probably already know the “KISS” formula.

I like to apply that to dating too. And here is the point. Way too often we complicate the whole dating process by making it a lot more complicated than it really is. 

For example, take the very first date. Quite often our own expectations will drive us crazy and sabotage any kind of potential. This happens when we want to get all of the answers on the very first date:

Like: Will it be forever?, could we live together, will he like my kids (pets, or ….. you name it), and so the list goes on.

But here is the catch:

The is absolutely NO way that you can know all of that within the first date. Instead, “take your time” in getting to know each other and know that the first date can be very awkward because you are both probably a bit nervous.

Take Suzette’s Dating Guide’s best tip: 

The only question you need to ask yourself after a first date is the following:

“Do I want to see him again?”

That’s it. Pretty simply wouldn’t you say?

And then after then next date you can ask yourself the same question again.

There really is no need to know all of the answers within the first few dates, as this will only add to unwanted pressure and not so successful dates.

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