Did you read Suzette’s Dating Guide and do you want more of it?
Michala Storm offers a “Love Laser Session” for the readers of Suzette’s Dating Guide.
This is what you get for the price of only (USD 97):
  1. A 60 minutes Discovery Session with Michala Storm (via Skype)
  2. A chance to explore your challenges and discover new ways
  3. One concrete tool to help you move forward in your (love)life
  4. A free recording of the call (MP3 file) for you to re-visit any time you want
This is what you need to do to sign up for a discovery session
1. Click here to sign up and let me know that you are on board
2. Click the below bottom to purchase the session
NB! The full program consists of 7 modules, b
Click here if you have any questions about the Discovery Session!
you need; you many only need 1 module to start with.