Are You a Career Woman, or a Woman With a Career?



There is much good to be said about today’s world of possibilities and how we as women have come along way since our grandmothers. For example, we now have the opportunity to actively pursue a career of our choices.

However, as with everything else there could be a downside to this too.

Being caught up in a career has it’s own ways. If you are a career woman, you have probably found out a lot about how certain strategies may work very well for you, while others doesn’t seem to be working at all.

In other words, you tend to do what best works of you.

However, when it comes to dating with success, here is where the confusion sets in.

Because, if you try to apply the same (success) strategies that you use for work to dating with success, chances are that – most likely – you are not experiencing the success that you want to.

Strategies for success at work usually doesn’t apply well for dating with success.

Well, of couse, you are obviously free to do what you want to, but if you are like many single women today, you may find that approaching dating with business strategies doesn’t really work so well.

Or, truth be told, it doesn’t work at all, and that could leave you confused.

The no 1 reason why you feel that way has to do with energy.

If you attempt to use the same strategies that you apply for your career to dating, chances are that dating feels like “hard work” and the reason is that you are predominantly using a “masculine energy”.

If you primarily use your more “masculine energy” – meaning your work hard at pursuing something, rather than relax into it, which would be a more “feminine energy” – you may find yourself quickly stressed or burned out.

Or in some cases, you could even turn into a “control freak”.

As with every thing else in life, the answer to this challenge lies within you.

But first you have to ask yourself a very important question and that is: “Do I want to be a career woman, or a woman with a career?”

You may be thinking something like, “well I don’t really see the difference, so who cares?”.

However, there is a huge difference – which would be subject for a whole other blog – but to start you off, following you will find a few guidelines to help you stay in a more feminine energy, which will help you feel more energized, while you are dating.

Suggestions for How To Date with Success 

  1. Date in a relaxed state of mind
  2. Let go of control and be in the now
  3. Be open and receptive to your date
  4. Leave the office (uniform) behind before you go out
  5. Don’t try too hard (dating with success shouldn’t feel like hard work)


Read Step No 8 and get more tips for dating with success.