Suzette’s  blog is all about COMMUNICATION skills that will help empower your relationships!

The philosophy is very simple: EVERY great relationship begins with YOU!


What started out as a blog based upon the book “Suzette’s Dating Guide – How to Attract Mr. Right” has now turned into a blog about how to empower your relationships in general. Suzette’s blog is for YOU who wants to improve your relationship life, be that for a business, social or a romantic meeting.

At the very heart of this blog post lies 3 core values:

  • Curiousity
  • Compassion
  • Care

As there 3 core values are all essential in any relationship building. xxx

Who is Suzette and how it all started …

Suzette’s Dating Guide was first published in Danish (paperback) in 2011.

Suzette's Dating Guide

And since then published in US in 2012 now available at Amazon.


Suzette's Dating Guide


Suzette acts as a narrator to add a dose of humor into the seriousness of dating!